10 Famous People Who Drank Absinthe

famous absinthe drinkers

10 Famous People Who Drank Absinthe

Absinthe drinkers have always been creative types and this list of the top ten famous people who drank absinthe will be sure to contain somebody that you least expect! Absinthe has a rich history which is both interesting and artistic.

1. Oscar Wilde

Wilde is a celebrated Irish writer of plays, fiction, essays, and poetry. His famous line about absinthe goes, “After the first glass of absinthe you see things as you wish they were. After the second you see them as they are not.” Maybe that’s how he writes well!

2.  Vincent Van Gough

Who doesn’t know the great Vincent Van Gogh? He’s only one of the most famous painters of all time, and absinthe may have had a hand in it. His works were all products of his love for absinthe, and this strong, potent spirit obviously loved him back!

3. Ernest Hemmingway

Being a novelist that had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, Hemingway is known for a lot of things, and that includes his passion for absinthe. As a matter of fact, he created the “Death in the Afternoon” cocktail, and it is based on the wondrous alcoholic beverage.

4. Marilyn Manson

Born as Brian Hugh Marner, Marilyn Manson was many things – a singer, songwriter, actor, painter, author, and apparently an absinthe aficionado. Don’t believe me? He was only the co-creator of the Mansinthe, a variant of the spirit with 66.6% alcohol content!

5. Johnny Depp

It can be recalled that Depp’s character in the film “From Hell” soaks sugar in absinthe, and then sets it on fire before mixing water. Who knows, even the drunk yet charismatic Jack Sparrow may have been the gift of the green fairy!

6. Eminem

Eminem is not only famous for being a rap god, but also an absinthe enthusiast. He loves absinthe so much that he rented one whole bar in London after the bartenders refused to give him more than the recommended amount of the spirit. Obviously, he wants more of it!

7. Bjork

The Icelandic singer/ songwriter/ actress Bjork has a rather eccentric but appealing music, and we might have absinthe to thank for that. She loves this strong alcoholic beverage so much that she brought it home to Iceland and introduced it.

8. Edouard Manet

Manet is a great painter, not only because he was a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism, but also because he made absinthe the subject of his art. His first major painting was “The Absinthe Drinker,” and if that doesn’t tell you what he likes, then I’m not sure what will!

9. Tommy Lee

Rock star Tommy Lee shows that when you love absinthe, you will always come back to it. Despite going for rehab during the 80’s, he confesses he still thinks of drinking the controversial spirit. Now that’s true love!

10. Pablo Picasso

Everyone knows who Picasso is, and you can never truly know art without knowing him. He’s also an absinthe lover, and he showed this through one of his masterpieces, “The Absinthe Glass,” and remains to be one of his memorable works.

So what do these ten people have in common? Two things – they are all incredible artists and innovators, and they all love absinthe! Are you next?


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