Absinthe Frappe Recipe

absinthe frappe recipe

Our Absinthe Frappe Recipe is one of those easy-to-do cocktails however if you are preparing this at home, be careful of the absinthe you choose to use. As this liquor becomes a crowd favorite, some of the products available in the market are far from the original recipe.

The absinthe taste is how it does so well in the 21st century, but you need to know that specific taste so you can determine the good quality absinthe needed for this recipe.

Prepare all things needed along with the ingredients then proceed with the mixing process.

1 1 1/2 oz. absinthe
1/2 oz. simple syrup (1:1)
2 oz. soda water
6–8 mint leaves
Mint sprig

What you need
Frappe glass
Mixing glass


  1. Rub the mint leaves in the mixing glass and place them at the bottom.
  2. In the shaker filled with ice, add the absinthe and simple syrup then shake it well.
  3. Pour the contents to the frappe glass filled with ice, sprinkle with soda on the top.
  4. Add the mint sprig to garnish.

It’s time to invite your friends over for a party. Crank up the sound system, get out the cocktail glasses and your absinthe frappe, best served with pizza, salad or even your favorite grilled steak. Since you already have the bottle of absinthe handy, why not check out our list of absinthe cocktail recipes.


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