Absinthe Marinade Ideas

Absinthe Marinade Ideas

Absinthe marinate ideas are often overlooked when people think of ways to prepare their foods. If you are looking for something unexpected then try using it to marinate meats and fish. Everyone knows how powerful absinthe is and that it’s a great cocktail ingredient. It is a potent spirit that commands the highest respect. Miscalculate its effects and it could be your head on the floor! But have you ever considered using Absinthe to make marinades for meat and fish? Absinthe lends itself well to the taste of fish and other meats such as lamb and veal. 

Using Absinthe in the Kitchen

But despite the tales and stories about this drink, did you know that it is making its way to our kitchens? Not only that, it comes with surprisingly great results. Here are a few marinade ideas that you can attempt using this beloved spirit.

Dill Fish Marinade

If you want to add flavor to your whitefish, absinthe might help. This Dill Fish Marinade is a great idea for when guests stop by. Combine pickle juice with around ¼ of absinthe. Marinate the fish in the mixture for a few hours. It’s also suggested to use dried anise-based absinthe so the flavor stays with the fish. Your guests will be surprised by your versatility in the kitchen.

Scallops with Absinthe

Fish is not the only seafood that can be made even better with absinthe. Try this great combination of Scallops and absinthe. Even scallops can go up a notch when marinated in a mixture that has the potent spirit as a component. Just look at that succulent dish! Add this dish to your arsenal of recipes for happy faces all around your table.

Salad and a Touch of Spirit

Last but not least, did you know that some salads have ingredients marinated in absinthe as well? Yup, you heard right! Toronto’s The Hole in the Wall was able to achieve this brave salad, with the use of watermelon and other surprising ingredients. The story of how they came up with the idea is simply amazing. Known as Salad and a touch of spirit, this complex dish is a big hit with customers and critics alike.

These are just a few of the ideas to use absinthe as a marinade. If you think you can’t do it, then the good thing is you have the spirit in your hand. Want to down a shot?

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