Cooking with Absinthe

cooking with absinthe

For alcohol lovers, absinthe is regarded as a substance not for the faint of heart, given its notorious reputation. Used in popular cocktail recipes, some swear by this highly potent spirit. It is a powerful spirit that only OP-level drinkers can tame, but lately its use in the kitchen is gaining popularity.

Absinthe is known for packing a whopping punch, with its lowest alcohol concentration at around 45 percent, which is still high in comparison to other alcoholic drinks. Despite that, it is attributed to creativity and innovation depicted well in the nineteenth century artistic community. Maybe that’s the inspiration in using it in dishes?

How is it Used in Cooking?

There are a myriad of ways how the strong spirit is being used in the kitchen. Here are some of the common ways:

Create a Unique Taste

There are everyday dishes that apparently would taste better when mixed with absinthe. Some of them include cookies, cake with pistachios, roast chicken, and surprisingly even ice cream! Isn’t that interestingly daredevilish?

As a pan sear

Perhaps this is where the cleverness comes in. What you really want is the distinct taste of the absinthe, so what you need to do is cook it long enough to remove the alcohol content. All that’s left is the flavor minus the tipsy feeling.

To Balance the Flavor

With the many variants of absinthe, you can pick the perfect match to a dish you are making. You can use a wormwood forward variant to use its bitterness against a sweet meal, or an anise forward variant for a spicy food.

Who Uses Absinthe for Cooking?

Of course, the first people to try it are those who love absinthe! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to try a common dish with a unique twist brought by this potent spirit. You only live once, so you might as well try it!

If anything, this is another great use for absinthe. Is it the green fairy’s doing? Or is it a green devil? No one knows.

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