Death In The Afternoon Cocktail Recipe

Try this tasty and deadly cocktail recipe at your next cocktail party

Death In The Afternoon Cocktail Recipe

Death In The Afternoon Cocktail Recipe

Ernest Hemingway is a famous absinthe drinkers and claimed to have invented Death in the Afternoon, a cocktail of absinthe and champagne. He also claimed that drinking 5 of these slowly was a good way to experience the cocktail. We suggest you be a bit more sensible with the amount you drink. Here’s how you make the Death in the Afternoon Absinthe and champagne cocktail. Death in the afternoon is just one of many famous absinthe cocktails which can turn your party from a quiet gathering into an awesome good time.

  • Add a shot of absinthe to a champagne flute
  • Add your choice of champagne until the mix turns cloudy.
  • Drink

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Using absinthe in your cocktails gives you something different and the unique taste of aniseed can make all the difference in taste. Explore the many ways you can use this tasty spirit in your party drinks list. It can also be enjoyed straight without any mixers. Keep in mind that the alcohol content of this drink is quite high so be careful about your intake and definitely don’t drive a vehicle after drinking this or any other alcoholic beverage.

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