What on Earth is Wormwood?

Wormwood is the common name for the plant Artemisia absinthium which, in it’s oil form is the main ingredient for making the infamous Absinthe alcohol. Wormwood has been used in this alcohol since 1792. A traditional medicinal ingredient used for centuries through Europe and the Middle East, Wormwood is well known for giving users clarity and focus as well as solving a host of digestive problems. Wormwood was used by the Egyptians and other ancient cultures since around 1600BC.

It has been used for everything from expelling tapeworms, to period pain right through to rheumatism. It is still sold and used by the Africans to this day. Sometimes wormwood is sold in Western countries, but it is actually mugwort and does not have the same properties.

The leaves and flowers of the plant are used to make the oil as well as other medicines. Wormwood is also mentioned in the bible (the book of revelation) referring to the day of the lord.

Wormwood and it’s active ingredient thujone is a restricted ingredient in much of the world. Although absinthe brewers don’t have to follow a certain reciep, most countries have a restriction on the amount of thujone that is allowed to be added to the absinthe. In Australia it is 35mg/kg, while in the EU it is restricted to 25mg/kg. This makes Australia one of the strongest brews in the world. Go Aussies!